For lessons or bookings, please call : 301-875-5085
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For lessons or bookings, please call : 301-875-5085

Guitar & Live Jazz Bookings

Jazz Trio, Duo, and Solo Guitar Performances

Live jazz, tastefully performed, adds an immeasurable degree of class to nearly any venue or event. As soon as the music meets the ear of the guest or potential patron, his/her expectations of the experience elevate considerably.

At Blue Raccoon Tunes, we believe that restaurant managers and owners ought to give the same consideration to their aural environment as they do to the appearance of their establishment. After all, dust can be swept under the rug, noise cannot. Televisions and generic music stations, so popular these days, betray commonness. Shouldn’t your place of business be made extraordinary with live jazz music? We work in DC, Maryland and Virginia with restaurants and for weddings, corporate events, and cocktail receptions.

From solo to quintet, Carey Smith offers classic jazz to accompany the guests’ experience; subtle enough to constitute “background music,” but deep enough to sustain attentive listening. Let us add beautiful live music to your ambiance!

Rates are for 3-hour jazz performance gigs. Longer or shorter engagements, as well as bands larger than those listed below, are also available. Customary 15 minutes breaks per hour are expected for the musicians.

  • Solo jazz guitar performances:  $200
  • Jazz Duo performances $400
  • Jazz Trio bookings:  $600

List of venues where Carey has performed


Mid-Atlantic Jazz Festival

Rehoboth Jazz Festival

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